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Our award winning registration and ticketing product eventSuite is a simple, scalable and economical solution, which allows event organisers to manage their own registration data, ticket inventory, and communications.


Our simple, robust offline, onsite event registration product eventBadge give you comfort and reliability - cloud based is great, but local gives you confidence in the event of an internet outage.


Barcode scanning solutions and equipment allow event organisers to collate and report on quantifiable event data. We also have options for Exhibitors at events to record visitor data to streamline the post event follow up maximise their event ROI.


Create beautifully customised native iOS and Android event apps with all of the bells and whistles, allowing you to keep your attendees informed with schedules, session details and exhibition floor plans at their fingertips, and keeping them engaged with live polling and push notifications.

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We are all about event tech, offering a suite of solutions to streamline online registration and ticket purchasing, onsite check-in and reporting, and attendee tracking.

Our integrated online and onsite registration and ticketing solutions are used by the exhibition and event management industry, with a large customer base and a formidable reputation for service and support.

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Our team is there to support you every step of the way, providing an end to end registration solution or filling in the gaps in your technology to streamline the whole process for both you and your attendees.