Simple and effective registration and ticketing forms using eventSuite

Real Time Reporting and Analysis

Attendee data can be filtered, reported and exported with ease. Select the data you want to see and when you want to see it. Each event has its own dashboard which provides you with up-to-date real time event statistics from attendance to stock levels.

Flexible Ticketing

Set up your own tickets, registration types, prices and inventory with invoices and email campaign content with event/company specific logos and content. Set ticket limits, prices and group tickets into allocation pools, and use promo codes and merchandise sales to increase event sales.

Cost Effective

We reckon we have one of the lowest per ticket prices on the market. Plus we only charge an inside fee, so no double dipping. You can choose if you would like to charge a booking fee, per ticket fee or percentage and that money goes to you.

It’s Your Money

Payments are captured via your chosen ecommerce provider and the money goes directly to your bank account, allowing improved pre-event cash-flow.

User Friendly Interface

The user interface is an easy to navigate and use. Designed for the user who just wants to get in and get the job done. No frills: clean, green and simple!


Support is provided by our friendly responsive team, who are experienced event practitioners. It’s our product, so if you have a suggestion for an enhancement, let us know and we will see what we can do. We are not a reseller, so talk directly to the team that dreamt-up, designed, built and support the system.

Beautifully Designed Forms

We create elegant, easily navigated booking forms using your event specific branding, designed to promote your event and sell tickets quickly and easily.

It’s Your Data

All data captured by you, for your event, is your data. We do not share the data with anyone and we do not market our services or other client’s events to your potential attendees.

Online to Onsite

Take your data onsite with seamless integration with our onsite eventBadge product. Produce name badges and capture onsite registrations with ease. No need to stop selling tickets online as data is synced onsite from eventSuite to eventBadge real time. We can also provide the equipment and onsite assistance so you have even less to worry about.